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Regain Your Hair Again
Hair Transplantation, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrow Transplantation, PRP, Mesotherapy, Pigmentation


Hair Transplantation

Hair is one of the most important elements in the physical appearance of people. What is

iconFUE, DHI, Sapphire Method

Beard & Mustache Transplantation

Most of the people whose beard and mustache do not grow or grow very rarely are

iconFUE, DHI, Sapphire Method

Eyebrow Transplantation

In recent years, one of the most demanded applications in our country has been eyebrow transplantation.

iconFUE, DHI, Sapphire Method


Plasma injections on thinned areas on the scalp can stimulate hair follicles and help hair growth

iconPainless Anesthesia


Mesotherapy is one of the modern methods of cosmetology and has quickly gained popularity due to

iconPainless Anesthesia


The color of human skin is due to a brown pigment called melanin. Pale-skinned people produce

iconPainless Anesthesia
Private Nişantaşı Clinic

15 Years of Experience

In our TURSAB certified clinic licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, in order to provide you with the best service before and after the operation within the framework of our 15 years of experience with our experienced specialist doctors, professional medical staff and operation team in a hygienic environment in accordance with the procedures, foreign tourists coming to Turkey for Health Tourism and Istanbul We offer Hair Transplantation, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrow Transplantation, Hair Pigmentation, PRP, Mesotherapy and all Aesthetic services as VIP to our Turkish patients who want to perform prestigious operations in Turkey.

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Prof. Dr. Serdar Dağ

Regain Your Hair Again

Hair Transplant Turkey



England, America, Germany, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland, Poland, Iraq...



We follow your process for life in our operations focused on 100% patient satisfaction.

Operation Process

Inspection and Planning

With the Free Online Inspection, hair analysis and the operation date are determined, and 10% of the operation is paid as a down payment. Invitation letter is sent to the patient. By obtaining the patient's flight information, the operation day, time, 5-star hotel reservation and Vip vehicle transfer planning are made, and the processes that must be followed before the operation are sent in order to achieve better success from the operation.


Operation Process

On the day of the operation, the patient's blood tests are taken first, the treatment is directed by the doctor, the plans and the medical history of the patient are taken, the consent form is signed, and the operation is started.

Patient Satisfaction

After the operation, the procedures to be applied to the patient are explained, the necessary drugs, shampoos, pillows, tapes, hats and materials such as a guarantee certificate are given and the patient is discharged the next day after the first hair wash is done together. Within 1 year, first of all, the patient is followed up for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months, and the procedure is concluded.

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    A very nice company, very interested, very cheap in terms of price and the quality of service was quite high. Now…

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    I had a beard transplant and I'm glad I did. Excellent prices excellent service. Thanks…

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    Since I was 23, I have preferred doctor hair center as my word and solution. I got excellent results…

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    Those who are considering a hair transplant should definitely choose the doctor hair center. Smiling…

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