Post-Operation Instructions

You should protect the transplanted area from trauma for 2 weeks following the operation.

You should sleep in the supine position and avoid contact of the planted area with the pillow or any other place.

Immediately after FUE and 3 hours later.

Drug Use

We will give you some medicines on the day of surgery. Use these drugs until 3 days after the operation. You should use each of the drugs 3 times a day. Take the medicine after meals. On the day of surgery, you can take your medication after dinner and one before going to bed at night.

E.g ;
Monday (on the day of the operation) You can take your medication once after dinner and once before going to sleep.

Take 1 Tok, 3 Times a Day, Wednesday.

You can use any of the NOSKAR or BACTROBAN creams 3 days after the operation (4th day). You can only apply it to the donor area. Please do not apply to the planted area. (You can get it from the pharmacy)

We recommend XPECIA Vitamin to support hair growth.

You can consume it twice a day, after meals in the morning and evening.

Hair Washing After Transplantation

You can start a body shower and do a full body wash the day after the surgery. You will start washing your head 3 days after the operation. For example, if you had surgery on Monday, the first day of washing would be Thursday. You can wash it whenever you want during the day.

After the first day of washing, you will continue to wash your head once or twice a day until the crusts fall off and the planted area is clear. This can last up to 10-15 days from the day you first started.

Washing Instructions

1st week washing: (3 days later, between the 4th and 10th days of October)
During the first week, you can only touch the planted areas lightly (gentle touch) while washing and shampooing your head. You should not do any scrubbing or massage. You can wash the donor area as you wish, rub the donor areas with shampoo or massage. However, be careful not to make harsh touches.

1) Apply lotion (Panthenol Foam Spray) to the transplanted area, wait for about 30 minutes and then rinse. Do not squeeze the foam too closely.

2) Apply the Shampoo (Repairing Foam Shampoo) to both the transplanted area and the donor area. You do not need to wait after applying the shampoo. Then you can start washing your head with mild/low pressure lukewarm water. It’s important to be as gentle as possible during the first week of washing. Thus, you will only touch the planted areas with your fingertips while washing and shampooing your head.

3) You can dry the donor area, transplanted area and your face with light movements with the help of paper towel.

2.Washing week and after (between 10th and 15th days): Everything is exactly the same as the first week of washing. First apply lotion to the transplanted area, wait 30 minutes, then rinse and apply the shampoo all over your head. Start by washing your head with mild/low pressure warm water. This week, in addition to touching the planted area with your hands, you can start rubbing and massaging very gently with your fingertips and finally rinse with plenty of water. By the end of this week, you should have no kabuki left. We ask that you send us a photo after you have done your last wash.

The 3rd week and after the washing process (from the 15th day after planting): You can return to your normal washing habits. Washing your head as you wish means using your pre-operative routine. You can use your favorite shampoo. (We recommend using low pH shampoos) You can also gently massage your fingertips and palms while washing your head. However, do not try to forcefully remove any crusts with your fingernails or by rubbing vigorously.

Haircut After Transplantation

During the first year after the operation, you can only use scissors for the haircut of the transplanted and donor area. We do not recommend using razors on the transplanted parts and donor site in the first year.

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