Painless Anesthesia

Before starting all hair follicle (graft) FUE removal procedures, we start your Hair, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrow Transplantation processes with our Painless Anesthesia device, in addition to local anesthesia, in order for your operations to be painless.

Experience Background

15 Years of Experience

The operation begins with the application of local infiltration anesthesia. We routinely use a specific device – a needleless jet injector; this is a pneumatic injector that provides a completely painless and comfortable local anesthetic at the start of the surgery. This is an innovative technique adopted by us to put the patient's mind at ease and make their experience with us worry-free and comfortable. The device used for this particular technique is called the Dermojet, it is a gun-like device that applies the anesthetic medication with pressure rather than injecting it with a needle.

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