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    Percutaneous Canal Technique

    The Percutaneous Channel Removal Technique method is the most common hair transplant method that is frequently used in our country.

    • Grefts of the hair in the area with healthy hair are loosened, collected one by one with the help of a pen.
    • Since the tissue may remain in the removed hair follicles, the cleaning process is performed.
    • Hair Directions are Determined for Application by the Specialist Doctor.
    • The success of hair transplantation is also related to planting in the right directions according to the head structure.
    • The hair follicles collected in the DHI Special Pen are placed one by one.
    • Pen tip size is determined according to the person’s hair root thickness. Tips of varying thickness between 0.6 mm and 1 mm are used.
    • Tips of varying thickness between 0.6 mm and 1 mm are used.
    • The grafts taken are added to the slots created in the skin.
    • There is no incision in this method. Thus, No Stitching.
    • Finally, the application is completed by placing.
    • Usually, the recovery time with this method is very short.