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Hair Transplantation

Hair is one of the most important elements in the physical appearance of people.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the regeneration of follicles that produce healthy hair. Donor hair is taken from reliable donor areas on the back and sides of the head and transplanted to hair loss areas.

Hair transplantation is an autografting procedure. This is only possible with your own hair.

This means that hair can only be collected and transplanted in one and the same person in a different place. Your body rejects any hair from another person.

A Hair Transplant is Done in The Following Steps:

Removal of follicular units (FUs) from donor sites (back and sides of the head, sometimes beard)..

  • Temporary storage and processing of Fus in a refrigeration storage medium.
  • The recipient is to make incisions (holes) in areas of hair loss.
  • Placement of Fus (grafts) into pre-made incisions in recipient sites.

How is a Hair Transplant Done? Donor Domination:

  • Hair follicles of reliable donor areas are not affected by genetic / androgenic hair loss.
  • They are resistant to hair loss effects of dihydrotestosterone hormone and 5-alpha-reductase enzyme.
  • Healthy donor hair preserves its vital/original properties in the transplanted area.
  • This feature is called donor dominance and explains how transplants work.
  • The idea of donor dominance is the most important founding foundation of hair transplantation. The transplanted hairs continue to grow throughout the person’s life and exhibit healthy, long-term growth.


DHT (Dihydro-testosterone): A derivative of testosterone, which is responsible for male hair loss.

Why Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a relatively simple procedure and is performed with local anesthesia. Modern techniques are minimally invasive. Recovery and recovery time (return to normal life and work) is very short.

Why is Hair Important?

It is a source of pride and self-esteem.

It creates a more youthful and attractive appearance.

What does Hair Transplantation Provide?

Hair transplantation is the only effective treatment for male pattern, androgenic hair loss and baldness.

Hair transplantation gives you back your own hair. This is a simple, permanent and natural way of hair restoration.

The transplanted hair grows to the length you want for a lifetime.

You can feel your new hair when you touch it.

You will feel safe in all your physical activities.

If you want, you can dye your hair and style it according to the latest hair fashion.

Hair Transplant Indications

Hair transplantation is the only effective treatment for male pattern, androgenic hair loss and baldness. Situations where hair transplantation is the primary treatment method:

Partial (thinning hair) or complete (baldness) hair loss in men is the main symptom of hair transplant.

Partial or complete Brow reconstruction.

Mustache and beard restoration in men.

Good candidates for hair transplant: 2nd to 5th grade.

  • Hair Transplant Indications

Suitable candidates for hair transplantation: 6th and 7th graders with current and dense donor hair.

Relative indications of hair transplantation:

Men with the most severe grade 8 hair loss with thin, lost or atrophic donors.

Young men under the age of 30 with slightly receding hairline; grade 1 hair loss.

Relatively suitable candidates for hair transplantation: Grade 8 with thin and diluted donors.

Contraindications of hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation is not an option for disorders involving hair loss. Primary treatment is directed at the underlying disease or cause. In addition, the use of artificial hair systems is an alternative.

General alopecia; The presence of healthy donors is very important for hair transplantation.

Alopecia areata; It is an immunological disease of the scalp with partial or extensive hair loss.

Some dermatological diseases of the scalp.

Excessive hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Temporary hair loss due to some disorders (thyroid gland diseases, diet, anemia, acute stress).

Artificial Hair Systems:

Men who cannot have a hair transplant can use artificial hair systems temporarily or permanently to camouflage their baldness. Women suffering from hair loss also have many options, such as the use of artificial hair.

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