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The color of human skin is due to a brown pigment called melanin. Pale-skinned people produce very little melanin, while people with darker skin produce higher amounts of melanin.

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Pigmentation emerges as a method that started to be used in various countries of the world and Turkey in 2010, firstly in London, after evaluating the current needs of tattooing, which has been applied to various parts of the body for many years.

Medical hair pigmentation, which you commonly hear about pigmentation, is among the methods preferred by patients to close scars that are thinned or formed in the area of ​​grafts with FUT method, who experience hair or eyebrow loss, also called simulation, scalp, tattoo, micro-pigmentation.

Pigmentation, which can be used in both areas as hair and eyebrows, is applied to the body just like tattooing, and treatment is started with hair or pointing techniques. This treatment method can also be applied in order to obtain a more frequent appearance in case of insufficient amount of grafts from the donor area after hair transplantation operations.

Today, during the pigmentation operation, which is a complementary application after hair transplantation procedures, local anesthesia is performed to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. Pigmentation application is carried out with special pigments and devices that are long-lasting. The permanence of the procedures performed with conventional tattoo machines and dyes is not long.

The first session of this application, which is a two-session treatment process for people whose pigmentation area is not very large, is a normal session, and retouching and permanence procedures are performed in the second session. The number of sessions can be increased in our patients with a large area, and detailed information about the whole process is provided during the free examination phase.

Hair sparseness or hair loss that gives a bald appearance can make people look old, while at the same time they can negatively affect individuals psychologically. People who cannot achieve the desired appearance after the hair transplant operation may prefer topical products, which are temporary methods that should be used regularly, they can choose prosthetic hair that requires constant care, or they can have a longer-lasting pigmentation process applied.

Since pigmentation is a treatment method that does not require surgical intervention, it contributes to the desired appearance of the areas that appear insufficient after hair or eyebrow transplant operations.

Who Can Apply Pigmentation?

Hair or eyebrow pigmentation can be applied to every individual who has reached adulthood, who has alopecia, menopause, pregnancy, stress, hormonal, anemia, genetic-based sparseness, shedding, is afraid of hair transplantation, has scars and burns, to give a more intense appearance.

Difference Between Pigmentation and Permanent Tattoo

With permanent tattooing, the equipment used in the pigmentation processes called simulation, scalp, tattoo, micro pigmentation are completely different, and the permanence times vary according to this device, pigment and application methods. Pigmentation is a method that only affects the dermis layer, is treated with herbal pigments, and should be applied again, which does not cause redness or graying, although the permanence period is between two (2) and five (5) years depending on factors such as sweating from skin to skin, washing.

By whom and under what conditions should the pigmentation process be performed?

It should be performed with disposable materials in hygienic and sterile environments with professional beauticians, micro permenant specialists and nurses under the supervision of medical aesthetic physicians.

Is there any problem in applying pigmentation to every color of hair and skin?

By using different pigments that are not harmful to your hair and skin tone, regional anesthesia can be applied after the medical history and pigmentation application can be performed for each patient.

What is the duration of the pigmentation process and how many sessions should be applied?

Pigmentation treatment takes place between three (3) hours and seven (7) hours depending on the width of the area to be treated. If the operation area is of normal size, it is completed as one (1) main session and one (1) control session. Since there may be changes in hair color and skin tone according to age, products that are permanent for a very long time should not be used in pigmentation processes.

Things to Do Before Pigmentation Process

Just like what should be done before each operation, one week (7 (seven) days) before the pigmentation treatment, alcohol should not be consumed, blood thinners should not be used. Preferring buttoned tops such as shirts will also provide ease of use to people since you have to protect your head after the operation. In addition, if there are drugs that are used regularly, you must inform the medical team before the operation and fill out the consent form.

What the Patient Should Pay Attention to After Pigmentation Operation

After the pigmentation treatment, patients should stay away from activities that require contact with water such as pool, sauna and shower for three (3) days and may cause sweating. In the processes after the third day, shampoo and lotion used during the shower should be selected with low pH levels recommended by your doctor and medical team.

Is a Natural Appearance Obtained as a result of Pigmentation Application?

Applications performed by a professional medical team under the supervision of an experienced doctor make it easier to obtain natural results with the use of quality materials in the treatment of pigmentation. The fact that the person who will perform the application is an expert will ensure that you get excellent results by determining the individual hairline, knowing the direction and frequency of the hair.

Are Pigments Used in Pigmentation Harmful to Health, Are There Any Side Effects?

All the pigments used during the pigmentation process are herbal and do not have any side effects. It is recommended that people with allergenic skin structure start their treatment after a small test is made in a certain area.

How Long After the Pigmentation Process Can It Be Back To The Daily Routine?

After the application, there is no situation that will make it difficult for you to return to your daily routine, and there are no results that may affect your quality of life.

Is There Any Pain During or After Pigmentation Application?

No pain is felt during and after the pigmentation treatment with regional anesthesia. It is recommended to use the drugs recommended by your doctor for pain that can be experienced in sensitive bodies.

Difference Between Pigmentation and October

Hair and eyebrow transplant operation processes are more painful than pigmentation and the results can be observed after a long time.

Can it be applied after hair transplantation?

People who want to achieve a more dense appearance as a result of the hair transplantation process, obtain a more intense appearance by applying the pigmentation process.

Although the pigmentation procedure is not a surgical procedure, following the advice and recommendations of your doctor, medical and aesthetic team will play a major role in a more successful outcome of your operation. You can contact us for a Free Inspection.

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